Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cardiologist Held Liable In Patient’s Death From Sexual Threesome

A $3 million judgment was awarded to the family of a Georgia man after he suffered a heart attack during a strenuous 3-way sexcapade, reports Andria Simmons of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
Originally seeking $5 million in the medical malpractice case, William Martinez’s estate claimed that a cardiologist failed to warn the 31-year old, who suffered from high blood pressure and was at high risk of having clogged heart arteries, to stay away from physical activity, presumably including any sexual activity, before the test was performed.
While Gwinnett County jurors sided with the family, they agreed to a lesser amount after finding Martinez was 40 percent liable for his own death in March of 2009. The husband and father of two was engaged in a threesome with a friend and another woman who was not his wife, according to reports.
Plaintiff’s lawyers Rod Edmond and Tricia Hoffler, who represented the estate of William Martinez, argued that a doctor at Cardiovascular Group in Lawrenceville failed to take a proper medical history when Martinez consulted him about chest pains that were radiating into his arm, reports Erik Ortiz for the New York Daily News. That appointment occurred a week before Martinez died.
Dr. Sreenivasulu Gangasani, the attending cardiologist, had scheduled a stress test for eight days later, but failed to inform the patient to stop all physical activity until the test was completed, according to a press release issued by the plaintiff’s law firm, Edmond & Lindsay in Atlanta, reports The Telegraph.
An attorney for Gangasani told The Journal-Constitution, “We’re definitely going to appeal the verdict and the judgment.”

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