Saturday, May 7, 2011

How True: Bianca Gonzales is a Shameless Freeloader?

Straight from Cristy Fermin herself: Bianca Gonzales' friends are supposedly staying away from the tv-host actress especially if the group is going to eat out. According to Cristy Fermin, whenever the bill comes, Bianca pretends to talk to someone on the phone and excuses herself from the table, with her friends ending up paying for what she ate. Her friends supposedly got fed up with her that they don't invite her to dine out anymore.

Cristy Fermin did not really mention Bianca Gonzales' name on her show, but the clues she gave were a dead giveaway: tv host-actress, morena, says "ngayon na, now na!". Who else could it possibly be but Bianca Gonzales herself?

I don't believe this chikka for one bit, so if you dear readers know something I don't, hit the comment button! Now na!

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