Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lovi Poe is a Revelation in GMA 7's Beauty Quenn

I'm a bombshell!

I never really liked Lovi Poe. I think it's funny that GMA's grooming her to be the next bombshell or something because I tell 'ya, girlfriend isn't in any way bombshell material. But after watching her  play the rape-victim-fallen-beauty queen-abusive mother in Beauty Queen, I now totally dig her! She's got so much emotion and passion when acting. I always feel bad for her character whenever I watch the show. I always want to hug her every time. Too bad she won't be staying for long in the show as her character will eventually grow old and become the even bitter and meaner character which will played by La Oropesa herself. I hope Lovi gets more serious projects and not those cutesy romantic comedy teleseryes where she always play the ditzy kolehiya.

Beauty Queen airs every night on GMA 7 after Ilumina, which is a very ugly show with bad acting at its finest, starred by Rhian Ramos (how does she get to be on primetime anyway?).

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