Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fringe: Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?

Newton, the head of the shapeshifters, kills himself after being caught by the Fringe Division. Now Bolivia's all by her lonesome in completing her task in the prime universe. Her relationship with Peter gets more intimate, but Peter feels something's amiss. O God, Peter! Wake up! It's not Olivia you're sleeping with!

Fringe: The Plateau

Here's what happened in the 3rd episode of Fringe:

"In the alternate universe, Walternate informs Colonel Broyles of his plan to use Olivia to discover how to safely traverse universes while the alternate Astrid reports a statistical anomaly to the Fringe team: two pedestrians being killed by distracted bus drivers in as many days. At the scene of the second accident, the Fringe team finds a ballpoint pen - unusual as nearly all writing has been done on digital devices for years. The pen was used by a man named Milo (Michael Eklund) with an incredible ability to calculate cause and effect to an unimaginable degree, and thus to set off chain reactions (in these cases, using a pen to initiate the chain). The Fringe team discovers that Milo previously suffered from low-functioning autism and was given experimental nootropic drugs which enabled the ability. The conclusion of the test would have involved restoring him to his original state (to evaluate potential side effects), which Milo perceived and then sought to avoid by killing those involved. At the scene of a third accident, Olivia spots Milo and gives chase, but he escapes by jumping off the bridge onto a truck that he has directed there using his ability. They later track him down through his sister, and while fleeing he attempts to have Olivia killed with a chain reaction. His attempt fails because she does not react according to his predictions - as an unknown variable was present in the equation (the fact that she is from the prime universe). During the episode, Olivia has several hallucinations, first seeing Peter at the scene of the accident, then Walter (prime) at the medical laboratory, and finally talks to Peter at the end of the episode who informs her she does not belong in the alternate universe offering her unpredictable actions while pursuing Milo as evidence." -- wikipedia

The guy who played Milo was really scary. heh.

Lovi Poe is a Revelation in GMA 7's Beauty Quenn

I'm a bombshell!

I never really liked Lovi Poe. I think it's funny that GMA's grooming her to be the next bombshell or something because I tell 'ya, girlfriend isn't in any way bombshell material. But after watching her  play the rape-victim-fallen-beauty queen-abusive mother in Beauty Queen, I now totally dig her! She's got so much emotion and passion when acting. I always feel bad for her character whenever I watch the show. I always want to hug her every time. Too bad she won't be staying for long in the show as her character will eventually grow old and become the even bitter and meaner character which will played by La Oropesa herself. I hope Lovi gets more serious projects and not those cutesy romantic comedy teleseryes where she always play the ditzy kolehiya.

Beauty Queen airs every night on GMA 7 after Ilumina, which is a very ugly show with bad acting at its finest, starred by Rhian Ramos (how does she get to be on primetime anyway?).

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fringe: The Box

I totally hate Bolivia. I don't know why no one notices in the prime universe, but girlfriend is a total bitch.

"Say 'Bitch' one more time and I'll blow your head off!"

In the second episode, Newton, the leader of the shapeshifters hired three men to recover a box  buried in the basement of a residence. How it got there, the show never explained. I'm assuming it was buried there long before the house was ever built. The two men opened the box and they, including the residents of the house, went into a trance, bled through their noses, and died. The only one who did not get killed was the third man because he was deaf. The box was an ultrasonic device which can kill everyone in the vicinity. 

He returned the box to Bolivia and the bitch sloppily killed him. She gave the box to Newton, who deployed it at a subway station and killed several people. 

  Even Newton is getting pissed with Bolivia: 
Newton tells Bolivia that she's insubordinate 
but Bolivia tells him that it's her operation and she's in charge!

The box is one of Walternate's doomsday devices which kills everyone near it.

Peter almost found out about the dead body in Bolivia's apartment but got distracted by bitch's lips on his mouth. The kiss was interrupted (thank, God!) when the division alerted them about the subway incident. Peter disabled the device after having his hearing disrupted by a close gunfire. 

 Temporary fix: distraction

Walter attended the reading of the last will and testament of Bell and found out that Bell left him Massive Dynamic. At the end of the episode, Bolivia transmitted to the alternate universe that "Peter is engaged" and received instruction to work on Walter.

When will Olivia come to her senses? Come on, Olivia save the prime universe from Bolivia already!

Photos are from here.

Captain Jack Sparrow visited a primary school in London after receiving a letter from a nine-year old girl

One lucky girl. Beatrice Delap got a suprise visit from the one and only rum-loving, klutzy pirate of all time, Captain Jack Sparrow. Delap wrote to Captain Jack Sparrow asking for help in staging a mutiny against the teachers in her school.

Johnny Depp who was filming the 4th installment of the Pirates of the Carribean Series at a nearby university, dropped by the primary school dressed in full character with the letter. He looked for Beatrice and gave her a hug and said "Maybe we shouldn't mutiny today 'cos there are police outside monitoring me."

Read more here.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ahnyareeh, Angel Locsin + John Lloyd Cruz

John Lloyd, dude, I know your peen got stuck in someone else's vajayjay and that's probably why you're all pale and stuff but do you really have to pose like that? You're not even looking at Angel Locsin. Yeah, yeah, I understand, that's probably the point, you can't bear seeing Angel Locsin doing this awkward pose like she's about to twist half her body a la The Exorcist. And what's that printed on your shirt? Spells SHIT to me! 

Friday, October 1, 2010

John Mayer Live in Manila, at last!

photo by Nina Sandejas

After a much delayed concert date, John mayer finally arrived in Manila yesterday and played for thousands of Filipinos under pouring rain! Still can't get over the rumor that he French-kissed Perez Hilton! Eeeks.